Warranty period is one year. The warranty covers fixing seam, gluing and sewing elements, gluing hard parts like teeth, replacing mechanically damaged fur.
Warranty does not apply when suit is being used in other ways than intended, or when wearing in inappropriate weather conditions.
Warranty does not apply after cleaning suit with cleaning products than can damage fur or suit.
You lose your warranty after siut or its parts are fixed by other tailor or maker.

The cost of shipping the costume for repair both ways is borne by the customer.

After receiving suit, you have two weeks to submit a complaint.
You will have to send back unused fursuit to fix defects.
If fixing is not possible, in some cases it will be possible to receive new part.
Every case is settled individually. Written complaint is requaried.

The cost of shipping the complaint to the workshop is borne by the customer. The cost of returning the repaired or replaced part is borne by the studio.